Southside Skin Clinic

Facial Rejuvenation at Southside Dental Care

Skin Peels

A Skin peel treatment is a safe and effective way to brighten the skin, reduce acne scarring, even pigmentation and reduce the signs of ageing.

A range of superficial to deep skin peel treatments are available with our practitioners Dr Kerri-Lee Clark at Southside Skin Clinic.

Our versatile chemical skin peels can be used for the following conditions:

  • Rejuvenation: erase fine lines, lifting
  • Sun Damage: solar lentigo, solar keratoses
  • Pigmentation: Melasma, Post-Acne Pigmentation
  • Acute Acne: including severe cystic acne

This means that virtually all skin conditions can benefit with a skin peel. Each Skin Peel Treatment has its own course but all have little downtime meaning you can continue on with your normal activities. We prescribe the appropriate creams for maintenance, ensuring the best results from your skin peel.

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Price: from £75-£600